DIY afternoon at FabCafe


At FabCafé in Shibuya, Tokyo you can get a marshmallow latte and laser-cut just about anything you can think of, all in one afternoon. FabCafé made the press around Valentine’s Day for their innovative use of 3D printing technology. In Japan, the tradition is for women to gift chocolate to their sweethearts. So, FabCafé invited the romantically inclined to have a 3D image cast of their face and turned into a silicone mold for making chocolate truffles. So fun! Their next project is 3D men gummy candy for White Day, a sort of reverse Japanese Valentine’s Day when men return the favour and give gifts to the women in their life.

I spent a couple of fab afternoons at the café crafting a variety of projects. My favourite is my Life Should Be Delish iPhone case. With the Paper by FiftyThree app on my iPad, I drew a design using my finger. Then there was a little editing to compile the image. With a simple JPG as the output, the final graphic was soon loaded into Fab’s computer and ready to be etched. 15 minutes later, my custom leather iPhone case emerged from the laser-cutter ready to go!

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