holiday menu ideas


With less than two weeks until Christmas, I am starting to think about my holiday feast menu. I thought I would share some of my festive favourites to help you in your planning.

Start the evening with a mug of mulled wine while you sit around the fire and catch up with your cousin, aunt, neighbour, or just watch the snow falling outside the window. Nibble on some homemade artisanal crisps served alongside a selection of cheeses. Then start the festive meal with a bowl of squash and apple soup. When it’s time for the main event, serve your turkey alongside cranberry relish (always a crowd favourite), honey glazed squash, and Brussels sprouts with pancetta and Asiago. If you can possibly manage to save room for dessert, enjoy this baked apple with oatmeal almond coconut crumble. Don’t forget about breakfast the next morning for your overnight guests. You can bake up a pumpkin loaf in advance so they can help themselves while you sleep in. Or make up a batch of these muffins that taste like donuts ahead of time, and simply warm in the oven then roll in the butter and cinnamon sugar topping when ready to serve.

After preparing a meal like that, you’re sure to be at the top of the nice list!