recipe ideas for that big NFL game happening on Sunday


There’s a sporting event this Sunday that’s kind of a big deal. I’m not supposed to use its official name without permission, so instead I will say this: there are two teams, one from Seattle and one from Denver; the teams will be playing football; people will get together to watch them play; those people will likely eat a lot of chicken wings (1.25 billion wings is the prediction…yes, that’s billion); and, in the end, one team will be showered in electrolyte drink and champagne as they celebrate their victory.

After Thanksgiving Day, this sporting event, which feels like an unofficial national holiday, is the second-largest single day of food consumption in the U.S. In anticipation of Sunday’s football feast, I have been working with the folks at Yorkshire Valley Farms to develop some Game Day Grub recipes that feature their certified organic chicken. You can find the recipes for all the tasty tidbits we’ve been whipping up this week in the YVF Kitchen on the Yorkshire Valley Farms blog. Here is what is on the game day menu:

Oven-baked crispy chicken wings with spicy Buffalo-style sauce

Blue cheese and ranch dipping sauces

Chicken Parmesan meatballs

MVP spice rub

Chicken strips with maple mustard dipping sauce